Outpatient Services

Outpatient Services

Benchmark Psychiatric Services offers outpatient services in the following areas:    

Also specializing in:


Depression Anxiety Focus/Concentration ADD/ADHD
Bipolar Disorders Anxiety Disorders Addictions
Eating Disorders Phobias Relationship Issues
Marital/Couple Issues Child Behavior Problems Parenting Stress
Anger Management Mood Swings Grief & Loss
Career Difficulties Life Changes School-Related Issues
Blended Families Divorce/Separation


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Genetic Testing

We can use genetic testing to better diagnose & treat our patients

Genetic testing can be used to evaluate a patient’s genetic code to look for the presence of subtle differences in certain genes that can influence the way a patient metabolizes medications.   It also identifies differences that may be related to an individual patient’s likelihood of responding to certain classes of medications.

Knowing Your Genetic Profile can increase our ability to select a medication that is:

We are now offering genetic testing, onsite in our outpatient offices.   Covered by Medicare and most private insurance with a $35 office administration copay.


IAE Sport Psych

Sport Psychology involves the study of how psychological factors affect athletic performance.

IAE Sport Psych  provides athletes at all levels with instruction and training in the psychological skills for performance enhancement.

Athletes excel through the enhancement of both their Physical and Mental skills. We recognize these four essential components:

  1. Healthy Athletes enhance their physical skills through Coaches, Professional Trainers, and Nutritionists.
  2. Healthy Athletes enhance their mental strength through Sports Psychology Consultants. 
  3. Injured Athletes consult with Trainers, Primary Care Providers, Sports Medicine Specialists, Surgeons and Physical Therapists to repair their physical injuries.  
  4. Challenged Athletes consult with Academic Advocates, Concussion Specialists and Counselors to reduce or eliminate their mental health challenges.

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Payment and Insurance

The providers at Benchmark are contracted with most health insurance companies:

Our services will most likely be covered at least in part by your health insurance. Contact your health insurance company by calling the member services number on the back of your insurance card. If there is a separate number for Behavioral Health or Mental Health, call that number. Follow the prompts for Behavioral Health services in an office setting. If you are able to speak with a person, ask the following questions:

Care Access Program (CAP)

With rising healthcare costs and high medical plan deductibles, Benchmark recognizes the need to provide affordable, high-quality counseling services to the communities we serve.

The Care Access Program (CAP) is for families and individuals who are in need of mental health services and are unable to pay the standard cost. 

Qualification for CAP is determined on a case-by-case basis according to factors including, but not limited to income, insurance provider, and unique life circumstances.   

Current CAP Rate: ​​60-Minute Therapy - $95

"Thank you for what you do to help other people! It's people like you that make this world a better place."
- Outpatient Client