Long Term Care

On-Site Psychiatric Services

Benchmark offers a full continuum of services for seniors, their families, and caregivers.

Currently providing service to over 25 skilled nursing and long-term care facilities in Illinois, our goal is to maximize resident functionality, independence, and quality of life.

Psychiatric Services Include:


Family-Focused Services

We understand the vital role that families play in the care and treatment of their loved ones.

Benchmark is committed to serving not only residents of long-term care facilities, but also their families through education and support.

We are available to provide educational presentations on relevant mental health issues to family members.

Our Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Psychologists are available to meet individually with family members to provide support that focuses on promoting the well-being and quality of life of their loved one in the facility.


The goal of therapy is to promote adjustment and ensure the highest quality of life for the resident.
Benchmark strives to help create a sense of community in the resident's new home. A variety of therapy services are provided including individual, family, and group psychotherapy.

Older adults are faced with a variety of unique stressors related to the aging process. 

Changing social roles, lose/grief and increased reliance on others for daily living needs. 

Placement in a long-term care facility often creates additional stress in these individuals' lives.

Working closely with facility staff, Benchmark promotes involvement in group activities and provides counseling to assist with integration into the community. 


Psychotropic Medication Management

Working closely with facility staff, Benchmark Psychiatric Services LTD. develops individual behavior programs to monitor and correct problems that may arise for residents.

Unfortunately, the natural aging process, as well as illness, sometimes produce significant cognitive decline for seniors. This decline can lead to problematic behaviors that pose a threat to the residents themselves or to other members of the community. Working closely with facility staff, Benchmark Psychiatric Services can develop individual behavior programs to monitor and correct problems that may arise for residents. Included in this effort, we will provide educational opportunities to the staff of the facility, ensuring that staff has an unparalleled understanding of medication management techniques. 

These efforts may significantly:

Staff Training

Benchmark Psychiatric Services, LTD. provides a variety of educational programming to facility staff, as requested by administration.

Routine staff education opportunities on current research and trends in geriatric mental health issues are provided to help support the work of the clinicians assigned to the facility. 

A wide range of topics are available and can include, Dealing with Difficult Behaviors, An Overview of Dementia, Understanding Psychiatric Medications, Anxiety in the Elderly, and Depression in the Elderly. Educational programs are provided at no cost. Our goal is to help ensure a high quality work environment for all facility staff, regardless of discipline.

"We have received exemplary responses to all or any questions regarding progress. This is an excellent service, and I would highly recommend your staff to provide service to individuals requiring them." - Long Term Care Patient