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Are YOU Paying Attention???

Friday, September 12, 2014
Are YOU Paying Attention???

My daughter was probably asked this a million times before the age of 5!  Learning disabilities and attention deficit with hyperactivity (ADHD) led to Special Education classes from pre-school straight through high school for her.  She was not formally diagnosed with ADHD and placed on medication until age 17.  Oh, how I wish it had been at age 7!  Now I know many of you are probably thinking—“Medication is not the answer for everything!” and I definitely agree.  However, the significant improvement in her abilities to pay attention and to organize her behaviors... Read More


School Is Back: A Journey Of Success This Year

Friday, September 05, 2014

I was registering my son for another school year and noticed all the anticipation, excitement, and interest that was in the air and around every corner.   I was thinking about what this school year could be and how different it would be from others that were in the past. 

What if kids could begin to take social skills to the next level?

What tricks could they use to be better learners and how would they handle the “common core” that is often the... Read More



Friday, August 08, 2014

I was driving down a major street not too long ago, and on this street I was passing numerous businesses with signs: signs for tires, and coffee, and U-haul rentals; just regular business signs. And then I saw it.  A simple white sign with black letters that read: Happy Machine: Free Samples Today, with a phone number underneath.   And my first thought was like one you might be having right now: “Yeah, right: What kind of scam is this?”   But I gotta confess: part of me was saying &ldquo... Read More


Unconditional Positive Regard Therapy

Friday, June 20, 2014

I heard the term “unconditional positive regard” (UPR) for the first time when I took my very first counseling course as an undergraduate psychology major back in, ok, I admit…the early 80’s.  1981 to be exact.  But anyways… Unconditional positive regard is a term used by psychologist Carl Rogers to describe one of the major tenets of his non-directive, client-centered therapy. According to Rogers, unconditional positive regard involves showing complete support and acceptance of a person no matter what that person says or does. Rogers believed... Read More


PTSD Dissociative Subtype

Friday, June 06, 2014

By Sheryl Ankrom, LCPC

Research examining the etiology of PTSD suggests that there is a dissociative subtype of the disorder.  This recently identified PTSD subtype presents with unique symptoms of depersonalization and derealization.  This important finding suggests that the path of PTSD may take different avenues and may require different treatment modalities. 

What is PTSD Related Depersonalization and Derealization?

Though quite disturbing, the symptoms of PTSD-related depersonalization and derealization are actually not thought to be dangerous.  And, although the symptoms of both can be similar, they... Read More


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